Direct Mailers

Every Day Direct Mailers, otherwise known as EDDM, are a great way to spread the word about your business to a specific area of a town or region. A few of the attractions to such a product is you can focus your piece to a surrounding neighborhood, thus, you can pick and choose where and also when. The EDDM is dropped off directly at the local post office and therefore lands in your potential customers mailbox the next day.

Postage for this type of mail is .177 each, when compared to a bulk mail piece or a first class piece, which are also both available through Baxter Printing, is a considerable savings. The average cost of an EDDM piece can range from .34 -.55 cents each, depending on size and quantity.

Baxter Printing has two graphic artists on staff to help create your mailer, and Baxter also features an IN-HOUSE MAIL service. This allows mailings, whether EDDM or Direct mail, a quick and efficient path from design to print to delivery into peoples homes or businesses.

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